Nedjelja , 20.1.2019. | 12:36

Max tools

Production of Max tools & accessories started in 1994. and they were closer introduced in 2002. and very soon became synonym for quality tools for a fair price on many European markets. Max tools are produced under strictly quality control in 62 factories around the world, specially when it comes to a design, functionality and quality of material used for each article. Becuse of their quality, Max tools as a brand are recognized not only by customers in a retail shops in many European countries, but they are used ba many companies in buliding and construction or shipbuilding and maintenance of industrial plants as well. Quality control, user - friendly design and functionality puts Max tools in upper class of hand tools and accessories on any market around the world. Since 2004., Max logo has been registered by State Intellectual Property Office. MAX Blue line has been launched during 2009. With its quality and innovative solutions it represents the top in accuracy and workmanship of hand tools. Tools suitable for home use from now on will be presented under a new brand Handy, which, with its economical price and satisfactory quality, seems exactly the right choice for less demanding users who call themselves "hobbyists".